Maggie Favretti

Maggie's Depression-era design-minded parents created a world full of age-appropriate authentic responsibilities, problem-solving, making things, and love of learning. Her first civic role? Accompanying Dad while delivering eggs to the old people and receiving stories in exchange.  A Yale BA (BA) in History of Art/History and a Middlebury MA in English provided theoretical and practical foundations for critical and analytical thinking.  Maggie designs multi-disciplinary courses in History and Public Policy, which engage students in the real world and challenge them with authentic choices and opportunities to think and learn deeply.  A catalyst for positive change, Maggie founded the Sustainable Garden Project and Students for Refugees, teaches courses for colleagues and adults in design thinking and its applications, creates design challenges for students and adults in order to improve our school and community, and, with the indispensable partnership of deign thinker Fallon Plunkett, developed City 2.0.

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(CLICK to see Maggie Favretti, hands dirty from the school garden, describing how students engage with the real world in City 2.0)

City 2.0 is a public policy course offered to seniors at Scarsdale High School.  

Click here and here to see students describe their City 2.0 experience.   

September: Intensive training in design thinking and its uses  for solving complex urban and community problems.  

September-December: Build lasting partnerships with community groups, NGOs, and government officials, helping to work on challenges in community-based design efforts.  Community design projects often continue until the end of the year and beyond.

January: A deep dive into threats to urban life,  definitions of resilience, and global thinking and action.

February-March: Explore the impacts of climate change, and work with the Coast Guard and OEM to simulate a major storm (we role-play the agencies who have to protect NYC).  

March-April: Team with government officials, global partners, and resilience design experts to redesign some aspect of NYC infrastructure to make the city more resilient.  In our annual Expo, students must demonstrate their ideas and seek feedback with a scale working model and a good pitch.  

Fallon Plunkett

Fallon Plunkett grew up on eastern Long Island, where she developed a love of the beach and teaching. She's been teaching in Westchester since 2009 and has been at Scarsdale High School since 2014. She is especially interested in how disciplines overlap to create a richer curriculum. Fallon is an expert in design thinking, which she uses to teach analysis and problem solving in history, as well as co-creating iterations of City 2.0 with Maggie.  Fallon's Psychology students apply their deep-DT skills to improving the school community. Fallon teaches teachers to use design thinking across the curriculum, and has developed IDEO Teachers Guild favorite lessons. Outside of the classroom she enjoys yoga, hiking and spending time with her family. 

Emily Block

Emily Block hails from Milwaukee, Wisconsin but attended college in Vermont and has been living in the Northeast ever since. She began teaching at Scarsdale High School in 2013 and her background in sociology informs the way she approaches teaching history and other social studies courses to her students.  Emily has been studying deep learning through design thinking for several years, and has applied it for analysis and problem-solving in history, as well as in social science courses. She is spending some time this summer in Helsinki, building out our Global Alliance. She is looking forward to a long and exciting adventure in City 2.0.  In addition to teaching, she enjoys cooking, running, doing yoga, and walking the streets of New York City. 

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