Design Thinking: Mindsets and Process

Design Thinking is a fancy name for complex problem-solving (thanks, Stanford U).  Innovation is the outcome of problem-solving.  Our students will be adults in a very different world, on a very different planet from the one they were born to.  An innovators' mindset and creative confidence will help them thrive.  

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Why we use Design Thinking in City 2.0:


*Having a process to rely on builds creative confidence.

*Innovation starts with observation, listening, asking, and feeling empathy for people.  Placing people at the core is what makes design thinking the best way to solve the complex problems facing our world.

*Readying our students for active, positive citizenship in their changed world requires a toolbox full of skills and a way of looking at the world (mindset) which is open, inclusive, and optimistic.

"Once we spent some time with the kids, it changed everything for me.  I wanted to find out everything I could and figure out how to get them what they need."    

                                                      -Alex  '17  (Harlem Renaissance Jazz Garden)

"We loved talking to Phil so much it was almost impossible to avoid designing just for him--even though we knew we should learn about the whole group of Harlem artists."  --Jessica  '17  (ArtSpark)

Collaborate                    Ask Why              Fix It                         LISTEN...

                         Think Flexibly                    Persist      Observe                                                              Wonder

      CREATE                        PLAY                   Research             Be Resilient

          Diverge/converge             Why Wait?                     Ideate

   Seek Feedback                                                        Fail   Early--Learn Faster                                                                    "Yes...And" Consensus

                                           Engage                               Tell Stories                                                           ACT GLOBALLY


Design Thinking:

Guess which skills and mindsets are being used