Harlem Renaissance Jazz Garden

How might we contribute to youth community pride and intergenerational unity in the Renaissance Playground neighborhood?

In 2015, City 2.0 created The Harlem Renaissance Jazz Garden, a community group galvanized in partnership with the Jazz Foundation of America, the City Parks Foundation, NYC Parks & Rec, Harlem Village Academy Middle School Student Council, and Countee Cullen Community Center.  


"Once we spent some time with the kids, it changed everything for me.  I wanted to find out everything I could and figure out how to get them what they need."                                                          -Alex  '17  (Harlem Renaissance Jazz Garden, and ArtSpark)

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HVA and City 2.0
Relaxed talk builds understanding
Black Lives Matter
Planting 500 bulbs
75 pounds Ladder 28 gear
First Day in the Playground
Student Council Pres
Owen with Michael
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