How might we connect young adults with resilience professionals to inspire movement toward more just, sustainable, and resilient cities?

"Now I go around in my daily life thinking of design and saying “oh but what would happen if we do something differently here?” and in my head I visualize something changing and I think about how to get this done."  -- Emily, '17

"I hope the future City 2.0 class becomes so influential that outside groups would be the ones who say “I want to work with you-can we work together?” " -Mao, '17

Ongoing Projects, 2017-2018:

*Resilient Scarsdale

*Arts for Community Health, Harlem

*Rethinking Homelessness, with Ethics Institute

*Eastchester Community Designers, ECAP

*Resilient MTA (2018)

*United Assembly School for Emergency Management Partnership...resilience and homelessness projects

Our Inspirations

River Boathouse
River Boathouse

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