What our friends say about working with City 2.0:


Involve them now.  We are designing their cities. --100RC, Rebuild x Design


They are not yet trained to think inside the box. --ARUP


They still think anything is possible, so they don't think in limited ways.--Arcadis

Involving young people is the best way to create global networks of youth stakeholder participation.  --100RC

They can help us deal with all kinds of challenges, from community visioning to design to the smooth function of the community itself. --Town of Scarsdale

If we don't reach out, how will young people know that this is the most relevant, most multi-disciplinary, career path? --Yale "Green" Alumni (YBG)

I wish I had had a class like this in high school.  You guys are our catalyst. --Michael Allen, HRJG

The world needs more citizens who have these skills and mindsets.  

"I hope the future City 2.0 class becomes so influential that outside groups would be the ones who say, “I want to work with you-can we work together?” " -Mao, '17

What are the challenges you are facing in your work? Do you have prototypes you need to gain feedback on? Are there systems you wish to make more efficient or effective? Are there opportunities for community outreach you want to pursue?    Click the box to read our invitation to collaborate.

Academic Friends & Thought Partners
These are people with whom we work or consult, to create empowering design experiences for young adults.
Scarsdale Center for Innovation, Scarsdale Education Foundation, Scarsdale High School
Project Breaker, TED Fellow Juliette LaMontagne
Stanford University, Hasso Plattner School of Design, k12lab,  Co Barry
Harvard School of Education, Project Zero
          Tony Wagner, Ted Dintersmith
IDEO-U,  Gabrielle Santa-Donato
IDEO Teachers Guild, Lisa Yokana, Michael Schurr
Princeton University Tiger Challenge,  Rafe Steinhauer
University of Vermont, Eugene Korsunskiiy
Yale Blue Green, David Bergman (Parsons)
Yale University Environmental Science Summit
Yale Center for Business and the Environment
Yale CEID, Vince Wilczynsky,   CITY
Design for America
University of Connecticut, Storrs and Avery Point, Juliana Barrett, CLEAR, Climate Corps
The Future Project, Rachel Wolfe
United Assembly School for Emergency Management
The Avenues School, Ivan Cestero
Plus+Ed, Riverdale, Michael Schurr, Lisa Yokana
SHS alum Andy Jassy, former colleague Dave Greene
Ted Steinberg, Environmental History, Case-Western

Global Partners

Australia:  Christ Church Academy, Perth

                   Nic Brunsdon, Architect

Finland:    Jari Lavonen, Univ. of Helsinki, Education

India:         Geetika Kharola, Bangalore

Indonesia: Iwan Syahril, Reza Nurtjahja, Urbane


Japan:       Yasuko Tokunaga, Hiroshima Prefecture

South Korea: Suwon Academy of World Languages

Singapore: Hwa Chong Institution

Civic and Corporate Friends & Partners


These are government officials, NGOs, individual experts, or corporations with whom we work or consult, to create empowering design experiences for young adults, and to provide energizing assistance with community challenges.

Julia Keleher, Puerto Rico Dept. of Education

Gloria Viscasillas, Banco Popular, Echar Pa'lante program

Craig Covil, ARUP

Roni Dietz, Arcadis

100 RC, Rebuild x DesignU, Idan Sasson

Meg Walker, Partnership for Public Space

Frank Fish, BFJ Planning



US Coast Guard, ADM Thad Allen and Sector NY

Ira Tannenbaum, Emily Accamondo, NYC Office of Emergency Management and NYC BOE

Noah Goldberg, Westchester Cty Office of Emergency Mgt.

Port Authority, MTA 

InterCEP, NYU, Bill Raisch

FEMA, Sean Waters, Kevin Malone



Westchester County, Ben Boykin

Eastchester Community Action Partnership

Town of Scarsdale, Dan Hochvert, Mayor

Scarsdale Town Forum, Friends of Scarsdale Parks

Scarsdale Community Support Council

Sustainability Committees of Town, School District and HS

NYCHA, Ralph Da Costa Nunez

NYC Parks & Rec Dept., Jose

Eric Wyche, NYC Resilience and City Parks Foundation

NYC Land Use Committee, Frank Holozubiec


City Parks Foundation, Le'Alani Boykin, Community Visioning

City Parks Foundation, Bria Matthis, Outreach Coordinator 

Jazz Foundation of America, Will Glass

LinkNYC, Aunt Bertha Social Services App



Robin Hood Foundation

Dave Greene, Save Our Schools

Zakiyah Ansari, Alliance for Quality Education

Peekskill CHOP, City Harvest

Harlem Village Academy Middle School

Harlem Childrens Zone Countee Cullen Community Ctr

Sisters Uptown Bookstore and Cultural Center

Phil Young Experience, Phil Young

Lisa Yokana, teacher and thought leader, SHS Design Lab

Giancarlo Paternoster, engineer, skilled wood furniture maker

Deb Ryba, Environmental Planner

Ana Puszkin-Chevlin, Hazard Planner

Emily Blumenfeld, Public Art

City 2.0 exists because of the support of all of our friends and partners.